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Modau Bag (english)

Modau Bag (english)

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64 cm  
Measured from the bottom to the start of the carrying strap,   incl. i-cord: approx. 23 cm 
24 stitches x 20 rounds on needle 5.5 mm (US 9) in herringbone stitches = 10 x 10 cm  16 stitches x 24 rows on needle 4 mm (US 6) in stockinette stitches (bottom) = 10 x 10 cm 
Circular needle 4 mm (US 6) (60/80 cm) and 5,5 mm (US 9) (80 cm)   
Modau Bag is worked from the bottom up in a herringbone structure on thick needles. First, the bottom of the bag is worked in stockinette stitches, and then stitches are picked up along the sides and the work is knitted in the round. The carrying strap is worked up from each side of the bag and joined in the middle with kitchener stitches. Finally, i-cord edges are worked along each side of the bag and the carrying strap.
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