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Oak Sweater (english)

Oak Sweater (english)

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The pattern will be sent as a PDF to your e-mail.

SIZE (2XL): 

This size have not been test knitted, which means that the amount of yarn given is an estimate. If you choose to knit 2XL, I will be happy if you send me feedback on the exact amount of yarn :)


XS (S) M (L) XL (2XL)


116 (120) 124 (130) 140 (148) cm


62 (63) 64 (64) 65 (66) cm


12 stitches x 38 rows (counts as 19 knit st-rows) in brioche stitches on needle 4,5 mm = 10 x 10 cm


Circular needle 4 mm/US6 (60 and 80 cm) and 4,5 mm/US7 (40 and 80 cm)


Vidde/Varde/Luna from Hillesvåg or Håndværksgarn from Hjelholts Uldspinderi 500 (500) 550 (550) 650 (650) g and      

Tilia from Filcolana or Soft Silk Mohair from KFO                   

125 (125-150) 150 (150) 175 (175) g

The sweater is worked with one strand of each yarn quality from top down, with a cast on edge at the back of neck. First, the back piece is worked with increases on each side which will form edges where shoulder stitches are later picked up from. The left and right front pieces are then worked with increases towards the neck, which form a cut-out for a v-neck. At the bottom of the bodice, a ribbed edge is made with slits in both sides, where the back part is worked a little longer than the front part. The sleeves are worked in the round without decreases to create an oversized expression, and around the cut-out for the v-neck, a ribbed edge with a decreasing in the middle of the front is finally worked. All ribbed edges are finished with double stockinette stitches and Italian cast off. 

The sizes are calculated based on a positive ease of approximately 30 cm, which you add to your own bust measurement. The pattern follows body measurements of: 80-85 (85-90) 90-95 (95-100) 100-110 (110-120) cm.

Example: If you have a bust measurement of 93 cm and add 30 cm = 123 cm which is equivalent to a size M. Brioche stitches will expand a bit in use, both in length and width.

The model in the picture has a bust measurement of 83 cm (32 cm positive ease on the sweater compared to body measurement), and is wearing size XS with a length of 62 cm.

It is very important that the gauge is complied with in order for the result to be as the pattern promises. Deviations in the gauge can give you a sweater that is too big/small, or a v-neck that is too long/short. It is therefore recommended to work a swatch, which is then washed and blocked. This will tell you whether you can work with guided needle size, or whether you have to go up/down in needle size.


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